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Waikato Principals' Association

The Waikato  Principals' Association (WPA)  is the collective voice for primary and intermediate school principals in the greater Waikato region.

WPA is a strong lobby and support group that has influence at both the local and national level.

The WPA is a strong and viable professional organisation that has a history of successful service, initiatives and representation of principals' interests in addressing the needs of primary and intermediate school education in New Zealand.


Waikato Principals' Association

Welcome to 2018 

Next "Making Connections" Day 6th September 2018

Claudelands Events Centre


Marcus Akuhata-Brown

Gifted Communicator / International Young Leader 

To register click here:  http://www.wpa.ac.nz/150/online_stores/64-making-connections-day-term-3-thursday-6th-september

Marcus Akuhata-Brown Bio:  /files/dcfd76ff51fdf83a/folders/1/Marcus_Akuhata-Brown_profile.png 


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