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Term 3 Making Connections Day Thursday 29th August 2024


Dave Wood is a specialist in stress mitigation, recovery and mental preparedness for athletes, innovators, leaders and those in the pursuit of optimising their health and performance.  Dave combines theory-based knowledge and practical experiences gained from 12 years as an Intensive Care Paramedic and Professional Ocean Lifeguard.  Dave mentors some of the world’s most elite level athletes in a diverse range of sports from the UFC, sailing and football, to name just a few. He has worked alongside organisations and companies, ranging in professions from lawyers, firefighters, navy personnel and web designers.

Tabitha Leonard – High-Performance Coach. Cultivating those habits and mindsets that enhance efficiency and effectiveness by unveiling the Power of High-Performance Middle Leaders.  The traditional methods of supporting middle leaders are no longer sufficient. Schools face challenges such as high staff turnover, constant firefighting, and overwhelming workloads. Redefining support for middle leaders is essential to thriving in this environment.

In this keynote, we will explore the concept of high-performance habits within educational contexts, drawing from research by The High-Performance Institute. We’ll delve into the five core habits that distinguish high-performing middle leaders and provide actionable strategies to cultivate these habits. By nurturing these habits, attendees will enhance leadership effectiveness and drive positive educational outcomes in their schools.

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Term 3 Making Connections Day Thursday 29th August 2024

Come along and join your colleagues for our Term 3 Making Connections Day to be held at FMG Stadium Waikato.

Featuring: Dave Wood and Tabitha Leonard